Daisy Taylor Angels’ Big Assets (29 February 2020)

Trans goddess Daisy Taylor has many tricks up her sleeve. It’s even safe to say she’s the best magician to ever have been featured on Transangels! A stroke of her magic wand and *zap!* a dildo appears in her hat, only to disappear down her throat seconds after. Grey-eyed playboy Michael Del Ray is impressed by Daisy’s skills. And by impressed, we mean : aroused as fuck. Daisy needs a volunteer. Michael lays on a table and *pow!* suddenly his dick is out! It soon vanishes in Daisy’s mouth, as does Daisy’s dick in Michael’s mouth. What a magical 69! Sparkles appear in Daisy’s eyes when she sits on Michael’s tasty dick. The next white thing coming out of nowhere is not a rabbit but Michael’s cum, all over Daisy’s face and chest. Daisy certainly deserves 10/10 (and a huge load) for her marvelous performance.