TS Slayer Surrenders the booty to Damazonia and Jasmine Lotus (10 August 2023)

Posted: August 21, 2023

Damazonia keeps hearing her neighbors fucking in the hot tub and today is the day she decides to go say hi and join the party. As she walks in the husband refuses to be submissive to his trans wife Jasmine. She wants him to suck her cock but he just wants her to do it. You can tell that wifey is a little frustrated and wants to become more dominant with her husband. Damazonia comes and switches that all around....locking his cock up in chastity and then making him absolutely swallow her cock and bend over for her like a bitch after kissing wifey and establishing whos the boss. Jasmine and Damazonia takes turns fucking the husband while he wears a gas mask...making him deeply more submissive to the dominant hotties.