Truth Or Dare – Ryder Monroe & Lance Hart (11 October 2019)

Janelle (Janelle Fennec) and her husband Lance (Lance Hart) are entertaining their best friends, Ryder (Ryder Monroe) and Pierce (Pierce Paris) for dinner. The dinner goes smoothly, until Janelle suggests a game of truth or dare. Lance, laughs nervously, but the other two are ready to play. This friendly game makes an unexpected turn when Lance asks his wife to tell them about the dream she had about Ryder. This sexual dream awakens the group and everything escalates from there. Janelle dares her husband to kiss her friend Ryder. This passionate kiss leads to something deeper, more intimate. Janelle uses this moment to bring Pierce upstairs far away from his wife. Left alone, Lance and Ryder can finally put their hands on each other and we can tell that they’ve dreamt of it for a long time.