The Legend That Is Johanna Bardin (7 April 2023)

Posted: July 4, 2023

Legend isn't a word I use often and it's because models like Johanna Bardin are so rare. We first featured her on GroobyGirls in 2001. You read that right, 22 years ago. But before we featured her, she's been around for a good few years as one of the top performers in the trans industry in 1990s along with names like Meghan Chevalier, Kim Devine and Vo D'Balm. As far as I am aware, Johanna is the only performer from that generation still working - and she looks far better than girls much younger than she. Healthy living, taking care of herself, regular workouts and lots of sex ... that's the key to looking so fabulous. It's an honor to have this stunning model return to our sites.