Saphira Blu Will Rule The World (11 May 2023)

Posted: June 4, 2024

For those of you not watching, Saphira debuted as GroobyGirls Model of the Month in November and has been one of the most requested reshoots since. I was lucky enough to meet her at the TEAs in March, and she's even prettier and more petite in person than on camera, and with a gorgeous smile and sweet personality. Radius hooked her up with Pierce Paris for this shoot, and she couldn't get enough of his famous big cock making sure she'd tasted and sucked every part of it she could get her mouth around before he licked and tongued her asshole, and then slowly and gently penetrated her tight asshole. A great scene as Saphira rides that big cock, and then gets her ass up for deeper penetration. Saphira Blu... the world is watching and waiting!