Pixi Lust – Futaslave’s Caged Buttgasms (16 September 2022)

Posted: May 15, 2023

Sexy futaslave Pixi Lust kneels down into the steel cage and her wrist and ankle cuffs are padlocked to the floor. A chain is wrapped around her waist, and then both her harness ballgag and the waist chain are hoisted up to the top bars, keeping her steady on all fours and helpless. Shiny puts on some latex gloves and lubes up Pixi's asshole with his fingers.. He fastens a large dildo onto a stick and lubes it up as well. With 2 cameras catching all of the action from front and back, he fucks her relentlessly with the dick-stick until she explodes cummy butt jelly out of her asshole! It gushes out and runs down her nuts while she howls with pleasure! This is a one of a kind video you won't want to miss.