Off The Record – Kasey Kei & Aiden Ashley (19 July 2022)

Posted: July 19, 2022

A reporter, Aiden Ashley, has been doing a series of interviews with a trans woman, Kasey Kei, about her life for a human interests news story. Today is the last day that they'll be working together and it's bittersweet. During the intimate interviewing process, they have both fallen for each other, though they've both been trying to hide it as much as possible. But during the interview, the camerawoman has to leave to get another battery, giving Aiden and Kasey some alone time. Aiden finally makes her move, revealing just how much she cares for Kasey and how she wants to see more of her even after the whole interview project is done. Kasey is flattered but nervous, even though she wants the same thing. She's afraid of compromising the piece they've been working on for so long, being put under the microscope after it comes out, and even just dating in general. But for every doubt Kasey has, Aiden reassures her, trying to give Kasey the courage to open herself up for a chance at love. After some heartfelt back and forth, Kasey can no longer deny her feelings for Aiden. With the air charged around them, they soon come together for a passionate kiss, which leads to so much more.