Nyxi Leon & Rachael Belle – Our First Date (5 December 2023)

Posted: December 29, 2023

Nyxi was scrolling down a dating app when she recognised Rachael Belle from the shoots she'd also done for Grooby - and she'd always liked her look. She pinged off a 'Hi sexy' and minutes later Rachael replied. They went out for cocktails but they could not keep their eyes, or their hands off each other - and with some stern looks from the bartender they hightailed it back to Nyxi's apartment. They start to pose for each other, making jokes and then Nyxi sidles up to Rachael, feeling up her leg before planting a big kiss on her, which turned into deep kissing... and play. Rachael is locked as usual, and Nyxi enjoys undressing her and playing with her caged cock, while licking and nuzzling over Rachael's entire body, getting her more and more excited for what's coming next. A hot scene, with two awesome models from Radius Dark.