Nikola Orphan – Office Gal Captured 1 (3 February 2023)

Posted: May 19, 2023

What was that!?' Nikola slowly descends the stairs to see what the loud crash downstairs was.. As she makes her way into the living room she is grabbed by a masked intruder! He ties her wrists behind her and sits her down on a cushion where he shoves a ball into her mouth and wraps her face with tape to keep it inside! He rips open her shirt and then flips her over and frogties her legs. Now that she is helpless he rips open her pantyhose and whats this?! A nice little surprise! He finds a lady cock inside those satin panties! He decides that the robbery can wait. He is going to take the afternoon to play with his new friend.. He gropes and fondles her. He takes a vibrator and teases her. Poor Nikola moans through her tapegag, pretending not to enjoy what is happening to her, but in reality, this is one of her biggest fantasies come to life!