Nikola Ophan – Chairtied and Double Vibed (26 August 2022)

Posted: May 15, 2023

Sexy TS Nikola Ophan is in for some extreme overstimulation today.. Kneeling over a chair, Shiny pushes her silky leotard over to the side and slips his lubed, latex covered fingers deep into her asshole. He is loosening her up good to make room for the toy that is soon to follow.. Next, he slips in the vibrator buttplug. He applies some constant soft pressure until it delicately slides into place up against her prostate. He pulls her leotard back over the top of it to keep it in place, and then gives her a couple of spanks on it so she knows its in there properly. He reaches down and powers on the toy and it jumps to life! If you havent tried a Lovense insertable plug.. You should definitely get one.. More of a cement mixer than a vibrator. It buzzes so loud, you can hear it on the out side of her. Poor Nikola is already wrecked.. Shiny turns her around and sits her onto the chair.. And onto the plug.. Nikola is turning into mush! Shiny grabs some rope and tightly ties her down to the chair, making it impossible for her to move, shift, or dislodge the vibrator.. Then he ballgags her. He unzips her leotard and exposes her supple pink nipples. He places some suction cups on them, tightening them down until Nikola's overstimulation is very apparent! But, he's not finished yet.. He takes another vibrator wand and vibes her helpless clitty through her soft spandex.. Now completely helpless, sitting on an unforgiving plug, having her nipples brutally sucked, and being vibed on the outside as well.. Poor Nikola's pushed to her mental and physical limits!