Nikki Vicious & Ruckus – Teased & Pleased (31 December 2017)

Posted: December 31, 2017

Beautiful blonde tease Nikki Vicious has Ruckus is so horny after their date that he's very frustrated. Fortunately for him, Nikki Vicious is ready to suck his cock. She swallows his cock whole, causing Ruckus to gasp in delight. Casey is worked up now and demands that Ruckus reciprocate. He's too happy to oblige, and Nikki sticks her hard dick into his waiting mouth. Soon Ruckus enter's her slick asshole and fucks her passionately. Nikki cries out in ecstasy, her anus taking Ruckus' cock deep. They fuck until Ruckus must release his hot load on Nikki's perky tits.