Leilani Li & Haven Rose – Slam Dunk Girlies (6 March 2024)

Posted: March 6, 2024

Bored of watching the football game, Leilani Li gets intimate with her BFF Haven Rose, despite Haven’s boyfriend being present! When Haven kneels down to fix the broken TV, Leilani can’t resist the pierced babe’s tight butthole, and she slides her thick shenis deep inside. Following a doggystyle pounding, the pair give each other sneaky handjobs under the cover, and then Haven gags on inked-up nymph Leilani’s beautiful she-cock in a deepthroat blowjob! Wanting to drill Haven’s hole again, the dark-haired trans beauty tongues her ass before penetrating the pretty tgirl from behind, and then Haven straddles Leilani and bounces her curvy booty on her lap cowgirl-style. With her cute, perky titties on display, Haven jerks herself off while taking a hard pounding in missionary until Leilani creampies her hole!