Krista Cane – Popping the Cherry (13 July 2023)

Posted: June 11, 2024

Krista Cane loses her anal virginity on camera! Newcomer Krista told Radius Dark that she really wanted to lose her virginity on camera, and when he suggested Chris Epic, she was all for it. Chris starts with foreplay, gently kissing and nuzzling on Krista's neck and lips, before slowly undressing her. He licks and eats her asshole, preparing it for what's to come next and she's ready to take his big cock between her lips, sucking and feeling it, imagining how it's going to feel to get fucked off it. He licks and tongues her asshole some more, and when she's ready he slowly enters her, taking his time and watching her eye contact as she gives him the greenlight to go deeper.