Kiyana Vi – Bit Of An Ass Video (9 August 2023)

Posted: August 17, 2023

Bit of an ass video... Sorry for the background noise, I can't live without my AC rn T_T It's been a bit since I took out the imp suit but Its honestly one of my makes me rly horny wearing it lmao. I always think of how good it would feel to get on one of your cocks and start riding it till I suck the soul out of you >:) I would start with some soft kisses behind ur ear and on your neck, leading into some soft touches going slowly down to your cock, normally I would blow you a bit to get it nice and hard and wet but you're already rock hard at this point and the precum spilling down your tip is more than enough for me to slide it in with a bit of my spit added :) What would you do next? :3