Jenna Gargles Jerks Off As You Fuck Her Feet (17 February 2024)

Posted: April 19, 2024

Who woulda thought Jenna was hiding such a curvy and wrinkly pair of soles this whole time? I was pleasantly surprised when she slipped of her sandals and propped her feet up. They have such a gorgeous shape, very flexible, and complemented all around by tantalizing wrinkles. Then, on top of that, with the smallest amount of encouragement her girl cock stiffens up and starts wagging around. All it takes is a gentle touch and a lustful kiss and her dick starts throbbing. She hangs her feet off the edge of the couch and teases you with her soles and any full blooded foot man would have trouble not getting a hard on once you see these in your face. She watches you edge your dick as you fuck her soles and then tell you to go ahead and cum... I'm not sure if you have any choice