Jenna Creed – Its Always The Quiet Ones (7 April 2023)

Posted: May 22, 2023

Sexy Trans Porn Girl Jenna stands there patiently and quiet as Shiny tightly ties her upper torso and crotchrope. He straps a ballgag into her mouth and sits her down to tie her legs. Again, she is perfectly still and calm. He pulls her into a nice hogtie.. Still, she is quiet. Finally he takes a vibrator to the head of her very sensitive cock, vibing her through her silky one piece swimsuit.. Now she is moaning like she should be! He gropes and fondles her little titties and then shoves the vibrator underneath her hips and rolls her over onto it. Poor Jenna is stuck lying face down with the toy going to town on her very sensitive parts. It feels really good, but it is all too much to handle! She tries to roll off of it, but the soft matress and tight hogtie make it impossible. She wails and cries, struggling to get free.. Funny.. She was much louder with a ballgag than she was without..