Jade Juniper, Abby Affchen, Emily Adaire, Brandon Lee Harrington & PF Bhangs (4 August 2023)

Posted: September 26, 2023

During my exchange semester in the States, I had to go to a study group a few times a week - and it was so boring! Luckily PF Bhangs is also there, and so I suck his cock in the background while the others are still studying; when the tutor Brandon Lee Harrington notices this, there is first trouble, but then everyone wants to join - and already the study group has become an orgy! We suck, lick and fuck each other - bareback! At some point, I fuck Jade Juniper's ass while Brandon's big cock is in mine. And after that, Brandon and Abby Äffchen fuck my hole at the same time! Then after cumming everywhere, we can move on to studying again - or go for the next round?