English Psycho & Svetlana Barbie – Barbie Ate My Cum Off A Spoon (2 August 2023)

Posted: August 4, 2023

***'Barbie Ate My Cum Off a Spoon' (Runtime: 23 mins)*** Trans Girl Content To Celebrate The Absolutely Rubbish Barbie Movie, I Felt I Should Make a Better One… what could be better than Svetlana Barbie, everyones favourite piece of trans tottie, being fed my cum on a spoon in an ACTUAL hospital bed!! I love excitement, so during a brief period of unexpected hospitalisation, I decided to dress up as a Doctor, stethoscope and all... walk into the hospital, and into her medical suite... jerk off into a bowl and then feed her my cum on a spoon like it was medicine. You know what the best bit was (other than Svetlana eating every last drop) nobody doubted I was a doctor, and one of the nurses even said 'good evening Doctor' to me! :D It was a fun adventure, check it out!