Emma Rose & Gal Ritchie – Away From Prying Eyes (29 May 2024)

Posted: May 29, 2024

Emma Rose arrives at the new home of her friend, Gal Ritchie. She's excited to use Gal's private pool. Emma shares how she doesn't feel comfortable at public pools, because it seems like people are always either ogling her or judging her. Gal is sympathetic, sharing her own discomfort with public pools - she gets worried that other women might not want a lesbian around. That's why Gal made sure that her new home would have a private pool to enjoy without worries... and she's more than happy to share it with Emma! Emma eagerly takes off her cover-up, revealing her sexy bikini and body. Gal compliments Emma, which leads to them complimenting each other and revealing hints of attraction. The moment becomes charged as they admire each other more in their swimwear. They playfully agree that it's important to stretch and warm up before swimming... and of course, they know the PERFECT way to warm up!