Emily Adaire – Plugged and Panty Faced (22 July 2022)

Posted: May 14, 2023

Gorgeous Emily Adaire and I met up in a hotel room in Germany for this steamy video. Dressed in silky black panties, stockings, and a black satin corset, I take my time running my hands over her and bending her over a chair before spanking her sexy butt. I start out with my bare hand and Emily is loving it.. I pick up the silicone paddle and give her a whack and she looks back at me with worried eyes, but continues to moan and take the punishment I am dealing out to her. After I have warmed up her ass properly, I put on some black latex gloves and grab some lube. I insert some fingers and work her ass a bit to loosen her up and prepare her for the vibrating plug that is coming. The plug slides in nice and easy and Emily's eye get wide as it fills up her ass. She stands back up straight and I pull her panties over the top of the plug and then tie a nice tight crotchrope to hold it in place. I turn on the vibe and her knees instantly get weak. I sit her down on the stoll (on the plug) and begin to rope up the rest of her body while the toy buries itself deeper into her ass and turns her into a melty quivering mess. Once tightly tied down to the chair with her legs spread, a place a giant ballgag into her mouth, and then cover her face with another set of satin panties, placing the crotch directly over her nose. Poor Emily is almost to weak to struggle by now. The toy in her ass is no joke and the vibrations are making it difficult to focus. I grab a hitachi vibrator and start to massage her clitty.. Now vibed on both sides, Emily works herself up into a huge orgasm! Also included at the end of this video is about 13 minutes of bonus content with Emily tied on all fours on the bed, spanked, and struggling with a metal ass hook attached to her harness gag!