Emily Adaire & PF Bhangs – BBC German Hospital (27 April 2023)

Posted: July 17, 2023

World Traveler extraordinaire Emily Adaire sneaks into a Hospital Room and speaks her Saucy German Accent explaining how her friend who actually works in that Hospital saw a very rare occurrence. It was a male patient with a Big Cock! Her friend tips her off about how to get inside, where the uniforms are and which room he's in. Emily hopes once the patient sees her she can seduce him! Emily is extremely addicted to Big Dicks so she creeps into the Medical Unit and borrows her friends uniform. She dresses up as a Nurse with a Medical Mask and explains she's there to remove his bandages. Emily conducts herself professionally, but that's until she removes the Medical Gauze and the Fake Nurse is immediately shocked at the size of his Penis! Her friend really wasn't lying. Emily thinks quick comes up the an excuse to Suck it by saying it looks dry then wastes no time by immediately hydrating his Long Thick Member with her Juicy Lips! She tricks the patient and gets him uncontrollably Horny with her Charming Mouth and Tight Skinny Body! Their deviant plan worked perfectly as Emily is now in the Hospital Bed with him while taking full advantage of his Fat Chocolate Cock! Emily Adaire satisfies her desires by taking the Hot Beef Injection in Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl and Doggy. Taking the Hot Beef Injection while Spooning and Jerking makes her Ejaculate all her Sweet Cream! Then to finish she gets her Skinny Pale Ass Railed in Doggy Style before cupping her Tongue in front of the patients Big Black Uncircumcised Penis to catch the Big Hot Burst of Semen on her Mouth and Glasses!