Billie Beaumont – Slavegirl’s Hands Free Orgasm (9 September 2022)

Posted: May 15, 2023

Gorgeous slavegirl Billie Beaumont submits to a severe leather chairtie and bound orgasm! Wearing sexy satin lingerie, stockings, and leather OTK boots, she is first fitted into a tight leather armbinder and then gagged with a heavy leather panel ballgag. She is instructed to sit on a chair, where her Dominant straps her tightly down with her legs spread. She is getting very aroused now and the top of her clitty is poking up out of the front of her silky panties.. Some lube is applied and a little vibrating cocksleeve is wrapped around her stiffening clitty and switched on. Her panties are pulled up over the top and a thick leather belt is strapped over her lap to keep it in place. She is then left there to struggle, moan, and helplessly cum once the heavy vibrations do their job!