Ava Holt – Stockholm Syndrome Secretary (28 October 2022)

Posted: May 17, 2023

Sexy T-girl Ava comes home from work and throws her keys on the counter. It has been a long day at the office and all she wants is to relax and unwind.. Suddenly, she is grabbed from behind by a masked man and wrestled to the floor. She is quickly overpowered and is soon bound and ballgagged. The masked man had been in the middle of robbing her house.. and this was an unexpected surprise! He runs his hands over her bound body and finds another surprise.. Her cock in her satin panties! Overcome with intrigue he soon forgets the robbery in progress and decides to play with her. He takes some clips off of her file papers and puts them on her perky nipples.. He puts his hand on her throat and vibrates her hard cock with a toy he found in her nightstand. Ava, fearful at first, is now fully enjoying her experience! She has long fantasized about a man overpowering her and taking her down and tying her all up, and now its finally happening! The masked man feels her new enthusiasm as well.. as her evasive moves change to grinding ones.. and moans of pleasure fill the room.. He ungags her.. She bites her lip and looks up at him invitingly.. Is this a trap? He does her the favor of leaving her hogtied as he grabs his loot and makes his getaway!