Adam Castle – Transspiritual Priest Pornstar Fuck with Madame Morgan (28 February 2024)

Posted: May 31, 2024

This is the 3rd clip in my successful TRANSSPIRITUAL series! This time Priest Adam is summoned to a hotel in Las Vegas during an adult convention by pornstar Madame Morgan. She wants to become a nun. Adam asks what she does and she does porn. That is such a sin and that she has to give a vow of chastity. Adam finds out that he has been summoned because Morgan wants to do one last romp before entering the nun place. It turns out it's Adam she wants to do it with. A secret is revealed and Adam is made to have a sex with this tempting amazon. Adam says a prayer and starts kissing Morgan and playing with her newly enhanced tits. Then plays with her girldick and sucks it a little. Then he gets a nice blowjob from Morgan. It turns out Adam has used a credit card on her site and has always wanted a bj from her. Morgan then gets a spanking from a spanker that is found and gives her ass penance. Wanting something in her ass, Adam fucks her missionary & doggy to cum on tits!