Adam Castle – Erotic Fun with Tgirl Nurse Kaela Luna (16 June 2024)

Posted: June 17, 2024

Dr Porno is exhausted after performing a plastic surgery. He sits down in the hospital break room that has a bed on it. Nurse Kinky comes in and talks about some naughty treatment she's been giving to her patients. They both decide to have a little fun and do a little treatment on each other. Porno and Kinky kissing each other and having their tongues play. Foreplay as tits are licked. Then Nurse Kinky sucks, licks, and teases Dr Porno's cock. Talk about a thermometer. Then Kinky gets her nice butthole fingered, licked, and gaped with an instrument to see if her butt is ok and good to fuck. Porno gets his stethescope and notices Kinky's heart rate is low. She needs it at full speed to help her patients. Porno decides the best medicine for her heart to rise is his cock in her ass. Oh her heart is rising like crazy with a cock in ass in missionary and doggy. Those moans are crazy. Kinky jerks and sucks his cock so well until Dr Porno cums on her face as a "protein supplement"!